In another world, in another time, before reason was born…


Before the clocks turned time…

In a sack full of mackerel, was born a girl with four eyes, a badly screwed head, and a broken heart.

In order to protect her identity and not shame her family, she changed her name to Ricardina Francisca De Los Aragones Lopez.

Ricardina Francisca De Los Aragones Lopez was an unusual girl. Two of her eyes could see unreachable desires and cosmic connections.

While the other two could see if there was any incoming traffic in order to cross the road… and whether red and green were a good combination.

No one liked a girl with four eyes, but when she’d close two of them, she was admired and loved for her beauty.

So Ricardina Francisca De Los Aragones Lopez would become fuller and more beautiful as she’d fill herself with adulation and fried eggs.

But when she was alone and she’d open all four of her eyes, she’d be ugly once more and able to perceive yet again her unhappiness and all kinds of misfortunes.

And from her eyes would sprout water from the

waterfalls in the

Park of Forgotten Love   where she would swim and drown every single day.

What Ricardina Francisca De Los Aragones López wanted most in the world was for two of her eyes to be closed forever.

And that the Pumpkin Man would bring her breakfast in bed and not abandon her during puberty’s acne.

With this in mind, she decided to ask the butcher to extract her eyes

using an ax, so that without them she could be admired and  flattered without mercy.

Just as she had planned, Ricardina Francisca De Los Aragones Lopez became drunk with so much adulation from the people who loved her now that she only had two eyes.

While she remained awake only at the most shallow level of sleep in which she could still feel the joy of being loved.

And so Ricardina Francisca De Los Aragones López lived in a passing and eternal sleep for 536 years

hugging her feather pillow with breakfast served and tropical juice poured in a glass made of Bavarian crystal.

Until one day, the crystal broke, the juice spilled, and she had to get up to clean it.

When she woke up, she still had a broken heart and a badly screwed head. At that instant, she knew that sometimes it’s better to live without our desires, even if it paints our heart gray.

With the two eyes she had left, she discovered that the Pumpkin Man as well as everyone else had stopped 

paying attention after the first 234 years.

No one can love anyone for so long, people get tired.

She also noticed that red not always combined well with green. And for the rest of her life, Ricardina Francisca De Los Aragones Lopez would be a really great dresser.